The Woman Project
Artistic Social Justice

Jocelyn Foye
Jordan Hevenor
Sarah Markey
Mara Trachtenberg

The Woman Project is a growing grassroots organization originated in Rhode Island with a focus on intersectionality surrounding women's issues. Our intention is to build interest in politics, issues and awareness through non-traiditonal artistic installations.

1. The Reproductive Rights Petition

2. 30 Second Protest Videos

3. The Story Wall


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T H E • P R O J E C T S

The Reproductive Rights Petition

This 50' petition, holding the exact language that the formal RI Reproductive Rights bill uses, is being signed everywhere.
It has been shown and signed in the RI State Capitol building as well as outside on the grounds.

photo credit: Providence Journal, page 1


30 Second Protest Videos
Videos recorded and shared over social media as a series of quick responses to our current political representation for women's reproductive rights in RI.

The Story Wall (30) 15" pink post it notes
These personal messages are written by invidivuals to the state legislators surrounding the need to a women's right to caring for her own body. One example shown below. This series will be archived and turned into a book.